Wild About It: Camp Yoga

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A couple of weeks ago Tribe teamed up with Camp Yoga during our Sunday morning park yoga #YogaJam at City Place. Camp Yoga instructor, Joanne Karpathiou, took us through a teaser of what adults looking for a weekend of fun can anticipate at camp. We had a blast, and I know you will too at Camp Yoga.

camp yoga

Here are my top 5 reasons you need to make like a kid, and go to camp!

  1. The date. September 11-13 is the ideal time to head up to Parry Sound. While you’re feeling those end of summer blues, with your next long weekend being Thanksgiving, this is the perfect break to keep the summer fun going!
  2. Accommodation. During your stay at Camp Yoga you will be living in luxurious camp cabins, all of which have en-suite shower and restroom facilities. From private, semi-private, to shared accommodation Camp Yoga provides a variety of housing options up to 10 people per bunk. So grab your friends and enjoy a weekend away!
  3. Food. For meals, Camp Yoga can accommodate most special diets – Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free and more.
  4. Time to Play. Camp Yoga is much more than a yoga retreat. Get active on the high ropes course, there is archery, volleyball, basketball, and live music at night. You can also participate in canoe trips, wine tasting, and meditation walks. Boot camps, SUP yoga, and ninja training rounds off the other options to move to over the weekend.
  5. All of the Yoga. Flow with Toronto’s most influential yoga instructors in a wide variety of classes ranging from Power Vinyasa to Restorative and everything in between.

This September, grab your friends, and relive the fun and exciting camp adventures of your youth at Camp Yoga. For more information email info@campyoga.ca.


Wild About It: Make Every Workout Count with Jabra Sport Coach

Push ups, planks, and squats – oh my! This past week I had the pleasure of testing out the hottest new fitness earbud from Jabra, the Jabra Sport Coach. This portable in-ear training coach is the world’s first wireless cross training solution with in-ear audio coaching and integrated TrackFit™ motion sensor, and amazing Dolby® sound. Read my previous review of the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds here.

What Is It?

Red_Jabra_Sport_Coach_Pack_ENJabra Sport Coach is an app and BlueTooth wireless earbud system that helps you plan, track and analyze your cross training workouts, and gives you personalized in-ear coaching as you workout. You pick the focus of the workout from their variety of set programs, or create you own, and Jabra Sport Coach will help you keep track of repetitions and time, and coach you throughout the workout. And if circuit training wasn’t enough, you can combine your workout with walking, running, and cycling, and it also measures your distance, pace, number of steps and cadence, and not to forget calories burnt. Jabra Sport Coach allows you to set clear targets for your every workout session and for what matters to you – making every workout moment count, anywhere, anytime.

What I’m Wild About.

photo 1What I loved in the original Jabra Sport is here in the Jabra Sport Coach as well, the amazing Dolby® sound, again, think epic movie theatre sound, but coming from an earbud. If you’ve ever been to my indoor cycling or yoga class, you know that music is vital to what I do, conscious movement to music. A great tune can push your workout to the next level, and the Jabra Sport Coach, with Dolby® sound, helps to do that. So with up to 5.5 hours of wireless music time you can get fired up by your favorite songs and hear them your way  without wires and cables getting in your way.

Something new is the included with the Jabra Sport Coach is the Jabra Sound app, which is a music player that plays your stored music and streamed YouTube content in full Dolby® sound. You can create and browse playlists, share music and optimize the graphic equalizer so you can listen to your tracks the way you want to, in crazy clear base dropping Dolby® sound.

But Won’t They Fall Out?

photo(1)Prior to using the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds, I had never had any luck running with earbuds in – at all. When I run with music (which is typically at the gym), I always use sport headphones that hook around the ear to hold them in place, and prior to doing my original Jabra review I was definitely skeptical about how these would work. Similar to the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds, the Jabra Sport Coach come with four interchangeable pieces  for both parts of the earbuds (the actual in ear piece, yellow and clear in the photo, and the surrounding capsule, yellow in the photo)  which really lets you get a custom fit. You should also notice the little spike on the earbud, this hooks in your ear crease so it stays in place.

Final Thoughts.

photo 2The Jabra Sport Coach are a great earbud, perfect for cross-training. They have epic sound and take the guess work away from your strength training workout. The in-ear coach prompts you with what you’re doing and what’s coming next and being wireless you have the freedom to move without the restrictions of being attached to your device. The price point is less than the Jabra Sport Pulse (which contain an in-ear pulse monitoring system) at $169 retail price and can be purchased in Best Buy stores and http://www.bestbuy.ca and at www.jabra.ca. The Jabra Sport Coach is an all-in-one training solution with planning and coaching, and a killer sound, so if that’s what you’re looking for, look no further and get yourself this summers hottest training tool.

5 Great Reasons to Sign-Up for the Oasis ZooRun 10k!

5 Great Reasons to Sign-Up for the Oasis ZooRun 10k!

The Canada Running Series Oasis ZooRun 10k was my gateway into the Toronto road racing scene. With just over 3,000 runners it’s offers a small but electric energy, perfect for those looking for their first race, or those prepped for a personal best. When asked to recommend a race to a new runner, or to a family looking to run together and have fun, the CRS Oasis ZooRun is it.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should race the Oasis ZooRun 10k.

Heather ZooRun1. A Party Atmosphere. 

Although the Oasis ZooRun is a smaller race than most of the CRS events in Toronto, the atmosphere at the Toronto Zoo is electric. Live music will motivate you along the winding course, and the spectators will cheer your loud on your way. In the few places where humans aren’t permitted, you’re surrounded by the awesome sights and sounds of the wildlife, it’s the perfect running party.

2. It’s A Knock out Race for New Runners. 

At Tribe we often use the Oasis Zoo Run as our “My First Race” Run Clinic goal race for our learn-to-run team. While the course does offer some small rolling hills, the zoo terrain is very accessible for new runners, with lots of excitement to push you through. This smaller race is well marked, with many volunteers, has multiple aid stations, and is the perfect place to win your first finishers medal. Check out our Tribe Fitness ZooRun Facebook Album to see what kind of fun we had last year!

 3. Great for Groups.  

With a spacious starting line and finishing area, the ZooRun is a great place to run with a group. Whether you choose to stick together or venture off searching out your personal bests, the winding course gives you plenty of opportunity to see your friends and get powered up by high fives.

4. Run Like an Animal!

While running among the animals, why not dress like one too? No doubt, you’ll see many runners dressed like cheetahs, tigers, and even flamingos, so why not join in the fun! Canada Running Series hosts an official costume contest (with prizes!) at 11:45am at the main stage in the post-race party site, so make sure you stick around to show off your wild side!

5. It’s at the Toronto Zoo!  

Sure, this is an obvious one, but where else can you run alongside the wild life, catch a glimpse of the neon pink flamingos, see towering giraffes, and sprint past the elephants. Not only do you get to run here, but your race entry includes free admission and your spectators can join to watch you on route and for post-race fun for half price!

I hope you’ll join me on Saturday September 12th to run with the animals at the Oasis ZooRun 10k! This race is over 90% sold, so if you want to join in the fun, don’t delay! Register today at http://zoorun.ca.

Check out this post on the Canada Running Series blog here.