Our Top 5 Run Hugs to Celebrate #HugARunner Day

November 20th is Globally Organized Hug A Runner Day or GO HARD. This is a day for all runners and walkers to celebrate their fitness journey with a run, walk, or epic sweaty hug.

To celebrate #HugARunner day, here are five of my favourite Tribe run hugs from the past year. And boy was it tough to narrow them down!

1. The Glow Hug. Three friends ready to celebrate our first year anniversary. Brought together by running and ready for some fun.

glow hug

2. The Fit Family Hug. Lisa (aka@TorontoFitMom) and “fit dad” ready to race the SeaWheeze half marathon last summer. A gorgeous bright day -to match their bright tall socks!fit family hug

3. The Collingwood Half Finish Line Hug. We just ran 21km, so why not show off our medals and celebrate with a hug!collingwood half hug

4. The “We Finished Our First Marathon” Hug. An awesome day full of many happy memories as many members of the Tribe rocked their first 42km race. The finish line meet up space was one epic run hug moment after another.


marathon hug 2

5. Spectators Need Hugs Too! Hug. After hours of cheering a hug to celebrate those who ran and one to give gratitude to those who cheered them along the way.marathon hug

BONUS: The Yoga Hug. Babies, yoga, need we say more!yoga hug

Want to get in on the Tribe #RunLove? We offer 5 free sweat sessions for all levels of runners and yogis, so be sure to check out  Facebook for all the sweaty details!


Tribe Tunes: November 18

joThis week’s Tribe Tunes are provided by Tribe Yoga Jam Instructor Jo Gale. Jo leads a fierce and mindful flow class, inspired by the traditional Ashtanga-Vinyasa and Hatha practices, her own personal practice, and the connection she makes with her students. She leads her classes in a way that is fun and accessible while challenging students, and encouraging them to try something new. She aims to make her classes a release for body and mind, bringing your focus away from the constant rush of city life and to your mat.  We love her because she is fierce and feminine. Here are some of Jo’s top yoga tunes.


I LOVE MUSIC. Building a playlist for a yoga class is not an easy task. My class starts slow, builds up and ends slow again, once I make a playlist I listen to it and switch songs numerous times before I am happy with it, here’s a little sample…

Dr. Toast – Light : If you take my class, 70% chance you will hear this  near the beginning. Trickling piano and a subtle beat… perfect


Jamie XX  - Sleep Sound : When people ask me what kind of music I play, I find it hard to describe, chill, a little hip-hoppy, a little rock and roll, and a little dance-y…. This track sums it up.


Balam Acab – Big Boy : A favourite song to wind things down, ambient and electronic, sounds like you are floating in the ocean.

This Sunday Jo will be leading our free Tribe Fitness #YogaJam at Mountain Equipment Coop, 400 King Street West. Details are here.

Tribe Tunes: November 11

Tunes Tuesday2

This Thursday will mark our one year anniversary at Tribe. 151 free workouts have been led in our community through awesome dedicated members who believe in our goal of sweating for social good. We will celebrate this year of goal crushing following our 5km run on Wednesday. The location: TOP SECRET. But we will be offering clues over the next couple days, and today’s clue is reflected in our favourite songs.

Can you guess where they celebration will be?

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge (LED Remix)

Fergie – London Bridge (Persha & Sam Ghourkhani Trap Remix)

Train – Hey, Soul Sister