Celebrate a Healthy Halloween in Your Classroom

Halloween is one of my absolute favoruite holidays. Growing up we joked that our family celebrated Halloween in a similar style to how many families in our neighbourhood celebrated Christmas, and as an elementary school teacher, of course I carried this excitement into the classroom. So here are 4 tricks and treats for a healthy and active classroom  Halloween party.

1. Take the focus off of food.craft

With a little creative thinking and action your classroom party can have a lot to do with fun, while having little to do with food. Activities such as transforming the classroom into a haunted house, for your own students or others, a costume contest or school wide costume parade or even Halloween themed crafts can create a fun event that doesn’t include a sugary crash. Consider some of these non food activities for your next party: Top 5 Halloween Science Tricks and Classroom Halloween Activities for Any Grade.

2. Play some Ghost-ified Games Instead.

Halloween creates copious amounts of added energy to any classroom environment. So why not harness that energy and get kids moving! Give some of these games a try at your next classroom party!

  • Pumpkin Bowling: Use a real pumpkin pumpkinand in small groups students take turns rolling the pumpkin at a spooky target. Consider having multiple games set up at once to maximize participation, and definitely do this one outdoors!
  • Pumpkin Relay: In small groups students complete a regular running relay to instead of passing a baton, they pass a pumpkin. Consider having your class walk/run/move in various Halloween inspired ways (e.g., mummy walk, zombie hustle, monster shuffle).
  • Ghoulish Freeze Dance: A favourite amongst my students. Play some Halloween themed music and students move and groove to their hearts content. At random intervals stop the music and students must freeze in a ghoulish shape. If students are caught moving by the graveyard keeper they move to a second area and continue the game. Students flip back and forth between the two game spaces, because the point is to have them moving! Not sitting on the bench out 

3. Offer Inedible Treats.

Instead of providing your students with a day filled of sugary snacks, why not offer some items that are useful in the classroom? Consider providing Halloween themed pencils or Halloween shaped erasers. Stickers and vampire teeth are also a fun alternative to sweets. These items are much easier to come by now. Check out your local dollar store or party supply outlet for even more fun inedible options.

4. Try Some Healthy Haunted Snacks.dip

Even the healthiest party still needs some treats, so why not let your students sink their teeth into some healthy Halloween themed snacks. Whether it’s a veggie platter shaped like a mummy, or a black bean dip and guacamole grave yard, there are ways to keep your snacks healthy and fun. Check out this Pinterest board of Healthy Halloween Snacks and Activities.

How do keep Halloween healthy for school and at home? Share in the comments!

Tribe Tunes: October 21

Tunes Tuesday2

daveToday’s submission for Tribe Tunes Tuesday is brough to your by Tribe Yoga teacher Dave Moffatt. Dave started his yoga practice 10 years ago as a way to get in shape and be healthy, but has found many more beneficial reasons why Yoga is the right practice for him.

This Sunday Dave will be bringing breath awareness and stillness into his active flow class as part of Tribe YogaJam and we hope you’ll join him! Details on Sunday’s free class at MEC Toronto are here.

Little Dragon – PRETTY GIRLS

Max Manie – THE OCEAN

Nujabes – HIKARI

Grizfolk – Hymnals (Saint Pepsi Remix)

What songs to you love to sweat to? Share them below!!

BEST HEALTH MAGAZINE: 10-Minute Tuneup: September

Get Sculpted Abs

An activated core is crucial no matter the time of year. Sure it’s great during the summer, but as we head into ski season balance and stability are vital. Having a strong center will keep you  stable and safe on the slopes.

Get moving with these seven ab sculpting moves designed by Stephanie Joanne, and demonstrated by me for  Oakley Active and Best Health Magazine .

Follow along at home with photos and videos of the full workout here! Or pick up a digital download on sale now!