Wild About It: Camp Yoga

Wild About it Wednesday(1)

A couple of weeks ago Tribe teamed up with Camp Yoga during our Sunday morning park yoga #YogaJam at City Place. Camp Yoga instructor, Joanne Karpathiou, took us through a teaser of what adults looking for a weekend of fun can anticipate at camp. We had a blast, and I know you will too at Camp Yoga.

camp yoga

Here are my top 5 reasons you need to make like a kid, and go to camp!

  1. The date. September 11-13 is the ideal time to head up to Parry Sound. While you’re feeling those end of summer blues, with your next long weekend being Thanksgiving, this is the perfect break to keep the summer fun going!
  2. Accommodation. During your stay at Camp Yoga you will be living in luxurious camp cabins, all of which have en-suite shower and restroom facilities. From private, semi-private, to shared accommodation Camp Yoga provides a variety of housing options up to 10 people per bunk. So grab your friends and enjoy a weekend away!
  3. Food. For meals, Camp Yoga can accommodate most special diets – Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free and more.
  4. Time to Play. Camp Yoga is much more than a yoga retreat. Get active on the high ropes course, there is archery, volleyball, basketball, and live music at night. You can also participate in canoe trips, wine tasting, and meditation walks. Boot camps, SUP yoga, and ninja training rounds off the other options to move to over the weekend.
  5. All of the Yoga. Flow with Toronto’s most influential yoga instructors in a wide variety of classes ranging from Power Vinyasa to Restorative and everything in between.

This September, grab your friends, and relive the fun and exciting camp adventures of your youth at Camp Yoga. For more information email info@campyoga.ca.


It’s Time to Try-a-Trail with Tribe.

11391481_623697511100590_8792865514459965597_nAnother awesome summer of trail running is back starting this Thursday with Tribe! Last year was my first season heading off the road, and while it was certainly a challenge the first time out, and I sent way to may “I’m lost” texts to our crew leader Alex, it was a blast and I can’t wait to get back there again.

Never been trail running before? Here are three things I think you need to know!

1. Free Your Mind (but not too much)

One of the benefits of trail running is that it’s not only good for your body but good for your mind. You dive into the heart of mother nature, free from the hustle and bustle of downtown. However, with rocks, roots, and slippery leaves you must still be aware of where you are going and others on the trail. After only a few minutes on the trail with the stunning views and wild life, it’ll be hard to get you back in the concrete jungle after venturing out in mother nature.

2. Get Ready to Get Strong!

Most of the Don Trail involves hills and lots of them. And in case you didn’t know, running uphill makes you stronger and being stronger makes you faster! All of your muscles are engaged as if you were on a flat surface, but the steep incline adds extra resistance and forces those legs to fire up hard!

3. It’s Cool!

During these hot summer months the trails are the coolest place to be (literally). The shade keeps the temperatures down and air is clean and crisp and smog free – perfect for a summer run.

Open to all paces, the Tribe Try-A-Trail 5km fun run will test your cardio and coordination in a fun filled out and back along the Don Trail. Full details click here.